The night ended as is always did for them
tangled limbs in sweaty sheets
harsh breathes to fill the silence
until they become stertorous
and then she whispers
she whispers her dreams in his sleeping ears
and hopes they reach his heart
she whispers her love
and then her hate of him
she whispers her fears
and somehow that reaches him
he reaches for her
and whispers back
I love you too


untitled and possibly unfinished

my fingertips, light as kisses
skim dark cocoa skin
valleys and plains, angles and curves
now such familiar topography 
that I can roam them in my dreams
dusky male nipples tempt me
and I am helpless to resist
soothing suckles mixed with claiming bites
deep bass moans reverberate through my soul
and I want more 
of you


watched the suns beams cut through blunt smoke and fed myself on memories

memories of slow curious hands exploring my sweetest places
memories of deep hungry wetness and ravenousness sated
memories of clashing tongues and warring passions
memories of hard thrusts followed by slow silken glides
memories of needy cries, achy desperate moans, and dirty whispers
memories of the feel, the smell, the sound, the sight, the taste of you
memories of pleasure reciprocated and reflected

I died a little more to Etta's "At Last"
and lost

Ashes fall, the bitter taste in my mouth returns
and rather than face the day
I retreat to memory

The Three C's

I haven't done any writing in a while, so I'm going to use this blog to try and get my creative juices flowing.  Feel free to compliment or criticize, but please do not copy - or I'll come after your ass, ya dig?